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Scar & Stretch Mark

The #1 Solution for Skin Alterations
Paramedical Tattooing works directly on scars and stretch marks to minimize and smooth their overall appearance. With the use of a special tattooing device specifically designed for these treatments and our wide range of pigment selection in the studio, we are able to match client's skin tone effortlessly, making each treatment extremely effective. Client's can experience anywhere from 30%-60% visible results after just 1 session.
At Vanity Touch, we pride ourselves in our soft-touch techniques with every service we offer; both cosmetic and paramedical - resulting in minimal pain to the client and an overall beautiful experience. We are able to treat all skin tones given the client is cleared of all contraindications and healthy enough to have the procedure done. Scars must be fully healed before being camouflaged; we recommend they are 1 year old minimum and show little to no redness in order to get the best results.


About the Treatment 
This minimally invasive tattoo procedure deposits pigment into the skin to camouflage almost any and all skin alterations such as:
1. Stretch marks
2. Surgical scars
3. Accident scars
4. Burn scars
5. Self-harm scars
6. Skin grafts

7. Skin discolouration such as Vitiligo
By using our intensive knowledge within colour theory, we first colour match your skin, then we proceed to successfully blend the scar into the surrounding skin with a tattooing technique - resulting in making your scar extremely less noticeable to the eye.

Procedure Costs
Our paramedical tattooing services are priced based on the location and the severity of the treatment area. Vanity Touch charges anywhere from $200.00-$2,000.00 per area.
All of our prices are "package prices" and will include 3 sessions for our clients. It is recommended clients have 2-3 sessions for best results but noticeable results are achieved after only 1 session.
We require an initial consultation form to be filled out where you can attach an image of the treatment area you wish to be worked on; free of charge and with zero pressure. We are then able to assess the location and severity of the area to give an appropriate price quote.

Consultation Form

Please upload a photo below of the scar/stretch marks you wish to be camouflaged so we can assess them correctly prior to booking you an appointment.

Upload File

Thank you for submitting,

we will be in contact with you shortly!

Payment Plan  
We offer an easy, reliable financing option for all services offered at Vanity Touch. We understand these treatments are an investment and we want all of our clients to be able to start their journey without worrying about the costs up front all at once; so you can get a start on your treatments and pay for your package with installments. Once you have filled out our consultation form and we have assessed your treatment area(s) and provided you with a price quote, we will redirect you here where you can fill out the form below to sign up for your payment plan.

Payment Plan


Once your payment plan has been set up you will be booked in for your first treatment. We can't wait for you to start your journey with us!

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