This is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. These guidelines are set in place by Vanity Touch in hopes that our artist's time and business remain respected. They are to help ensure that fairness is projected to all clients and students when encountering a possible issue and to also prevent any miscommunication from happening when it comes to courses, appointments, prices, deposits etc. 

For clients & appointments:    

A deposit is required at the time of booking all procedures. This deposit secures and confirms your spot. All deposits are non-refundable, please make sure you are fully committed to your appointment date & time. Deposits are also non-transferrable unless given respectable notice. Under certain circumstances if transferring deposit occurs, it will only be transferred once to a new appointment date & time.

   A minimum of 72 hours is required for any rescheduling with the option to transfer your deposit to a new appointment date and time. If 72 hours of notice is not given, you will be required to pay a new deposit toward a new appointment.

    This policy is excluded from Lloydminster appointments.

    All deposits made at Vanity Touch's second location in Lloydminster, AB are non-refundable nor transferrable unless an emergency is to come to the client. This is because of the limited spots available to the high demand of clientele in the surrounding area. 

   Last minute cancellations and no shows will result in a forfeit of your deposit as well as 50% of your procedure costs to be paid. 

   If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment with no prior communication upon arrival, you will be asked to proceed without numbing or reschedule a new date and time, resulting in forfeit of your deposit.

   Once appointment has begun, and you for whatever reason decide to not proceed, you will forfeit your deposit. 

   During consultation, client and artist must agree on an outline. This is for all procedures: eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blush.

 Your artist will utilize their expertise to provide you anatomy correct eyebrow placement, shape and colour. As for eyeliner and lips, they will outline lip liner and eyeliner placement so yourself and the artist are in an understanding of where the tattoo will be placed before procedure begins. If both cannot come to an agreement or the artist does not feel comfortable giving you the shape/placement you desire, you will forfeit your deposit.  

   Once procedure is performed, NO REFUNDS will be given. 

   Once you are a client at Vanity Touch and you continue to return for your annual touch-ups, you will never pay full price again. If you prolong your visit past your 1 .5 year mark, you will be charged full price.

   If for whatever reason you are to visit another artist for a touch-up, and you are to return back to Vanity Touch for correctional work following your appointment with a previous tech you will be charged full price again.

   Foul language and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. 


    As the owner and artist of Vanity Touch I reserve the right to deny services of any and all procedures to clients who conduct

inappropriate or aggressive behaviour or fail to cooperate at any given time to myself and/or my fellow artists. 

For students & courses: 

A deposit is required at the time of all course bookings. Deposit is $500.00 + gst  (for all courses offered) to secure seat and


student KIT. Deposits are non-refundable nor transferrable, if their is a request for a new course date, and additional deposit is


required. This deposits goes towards


final course cost. The remainder is to be paid on the 1st day the course is scheduled, and before we begin class. Once course is paid


in full and begun, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. It is highly recommended students are committed and ready to learn. Students


will receive a certificate of attendance when their in-class hours are complete. Students will not receive a certificate of completion


until all 10 models have been submitted and graded to pass certification requirements.

Advanced Cosmetic Specialists                   Innovative Procedures

Vanity Touch offers multiple cosmetic tattooing procedures using world renowned techniques and the best medical grade products. From eyebrows, to lip tint, whatever you choose, our highly qualified artists at the studio will ensure you receive the highest level of care and service with a procedure that is safe and truly undetectable.