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Below are frequently asked questions from clients answered from our tested practices that we believe are tried and true. We have many years of first-hand experiences with clients for all procedures we offer. Every service involved in our studio comes with different information. These FAQ's are to fill in the gap, to help clients feel confident and comfortable before committing to an appointment.

Answers provided are for 100% transparency about what to expect during the procedures and what to expect/prepare for when they are complete. Disclaimer: these answers and information are based on our direct knowledge of trial and error and specific performance techniques over the many years of tattooing. 

We are not responsible nor guaranteed to agree with or follow any other information provided elsewhere. 

We recommend our clients refer to our FAQ answers only.


Advanced Cosmetic Specialists                   Innovative Procedures

Vanity Touch offers multiple cosmetic tattooing procedures using world renowned techniques and the best medical grade products. From eyebrows, to lip tint, whatever you choose, our highly qualified artists at the studio will ensure you receive the highest level of care and service with a procedure that is safe and truly undetectable.   


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