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We're partnered with Sezzle to offer our clients easy, reliable financing for all of our cosmetic and paramedical services offered at the studio. We understand these procedures are an investment and we want all of our clients to be able to start their journey and enjoy the results without worrying about the costs up front all at once. 
It's quick and easy to apply, they'll do a soft credit check that won't damage your credit score, and it only takes a few minutes to be approved. Once you're approved, we'll get notification and can then schedule you in for your appointment!

Please don't fill out the form below until you've contacted the studio and been cleared by one of our artists that you're a candidate first.
All payment plans will include a $25.00 processing fee on top of their procedure costs. 


Payment Plan

[For Cosmetic Procedures]


Once your payment plan has been set up you will  be booked in for your first appointment.

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