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We offer a variety of methods and techniques within our eyebrow tattooing procedures. During our in-depth consultations we will discuss all options that will provide the best possible results depending on client's goals, expectations and skin type. It's important to know that what you may want sometimes cannot be achieved based on the canvas, your skin, (oily vs. skin, young vs. more mature) but fortunately, we have a method to serve every client no matter what their needs or skin type are.

We treat every case as it's own and do not work the same with every appointment - tailoring each procedure to that individual client. You will notice a wide variety of different looks in our portfolio, performed by our highly trained and extremely talented artists. At Vanity Touch, we strive to complete every procedure to the best of our ability.

When booking an appointment online, select any of the initial procedure types for eyebrows you are hoping to get. All methods are booked for the same amount of time.

  • I want my eyebrows done for an event, how do I know when to book?"
    The best timeline: The event is on Saturday, do not have your brows done on Monday or Tuesday as you are more than likely going to be beginning the skin flaking phase, this will be noticeable to the eye. Now, you CAN get your brows done on Friday right before the event. They will be darker, but they will look nice and fresh - it's likely you will want to add some make-up to other parts of your face for your event and this is OK, as long as you avoid your brows!
  • How long does the procedure take?
    Initial brow appointments are booked between 2 hours and 3.5 hours depending on the style chosen, method and artist doing the procedure.
  • Do I come to my appointment with makeup on?
    We prefer a fresh, clean face that is free of all oils, dirt and make-up residue. If you are to come with make-up on we will still perform the procedure but we will need to thoroughly clean your skin on and around your brows. Because of this, it effects the aesthetic of your before and after photos [makeup on the bottom half of your face and not the top half]. We want to showcase the most authentic, crisp client photos. If you fill in your eyebrows daily, you may come to your appointment with your brows filled in the way you like them. Again, make-up product will be removed before we begin. Note: be open to suggestions of change.
  • Can I go out in public after?
    Your eyebrows will be completely wearable immediately post-treatment. All remaining pigment residue will be completely cleaned up before you leave. If you have sensitive and easily irritable skin, redness is a common skin response from the needle-work but quickly subsides. Almost every single one of our clients feels comfortable returning back to work or going out in public after.
  • What are the rules with tanning?
    Do not tan a few days leading up to the day of your appointment and also on the day of. Why? To avoid the possibility of a burn. If you are to come to your appointment and your skin looks like it has been over exposed to UV Rays, we will need to rebook your procedure and you will forfeit your deposit. This is in regards to vacations as well, but it is best to wait a minimum of 7 days once you've returned home from a holiday in the sun. Once you have your brows cosmetically done and long term, you must still protect them. It is always best to use an SPF 30 minimum when you know you'll be exposed to the sun. In a tanning bed, lay a towel over your eyes/eyebrows to create a shield over them. If you are vacationing, a cute hat and oversized sunglasses also help to protect your brows, the more protection the better! The results for too much sun exposure on your brow tattoo or a possible sun burn is significant fading and change in colour; they tend to turn ashy. It's best to take necessary precautions and effective practices that will prevent these side effects from happening but if they do, both can be adjusted at your next touch-up appointment so don't panic!
  • After my appointment, can I get them wet?"
    We encourage our clients to avoid aggressive water application the entire healing process which is approx. 7-10 days following your procedure. This means: 1. No scrubbing or rubbing them directly with water 2. No washing your brows during your regular face wash routine 3. Avoid putting your face directly under the shower stream when you shower But; we believe that lightly cleaning them daily is important to avoid infection. With a gentle patting motion to allow the area to be clean of any oils and daily environmental aggressors.
  • How bad will I scab?
    We prefer not to use the word 'scab' and better say, 'flake' or 'peel'. It's hard to predict as every client's skin response is different. This can be measured by first, your skin type [oily vs. dry], but also the style and method of brow you receive. For example: a bolder powder brow will flake more than a soft BORDERLESS EdgeTM brow. Anytime you incorporate more pigment saturation, flaking and peeling will be more. Fortunately our clients don't experience an extremely ugly after-care process because all of our artists are light-handed and chose not to over-work the skin. More trauma to the skin, longer and uglier healing time. You will receive proper after-care specific to your skin type before you leave your appointment.
  • How long will they take to heal?
    This can only be determined by your overall health, age, condition of your brows and the surrounding skin etc. For example, medications and dehydration or an improper diet can have an effect on delayed healing time. On overage, our brow clients are done their initial healing within 7-10 days, but some do take up to 2 weeks. The most important thing is no matter how long you take to heal, to allow your body and skin the time it needs; not to try and speed up the healing process or get impatient. We find that the longer clients take to heal, the better pigment retention they end up with!
  • Can I workout while I'm healing?
    This question is always tough to answer and 8/10 clients who actively and regularly workout will not avoid the gym entirely during their healing process so lets put it this way; taking a few days off is an absolute must - 72 hours minimum after getting your brows done. In a perfect world, we advise that you avoid strenuous exercise for the entire 7-10 days but we have to be realistic. From our experience, it is best that we direct you in what you can do if you are to return to the gym sooner than recommended. 1. Skip the hot yoga studio 2. Avoid intense cardio and replace it with a light weight session 3. No HIIT 4. Cleaning your brows immediately post-workout Note: our sweat contains salt in it and will push the pigment out resulting in unnecessary and avoidable fading. You are also at risk of an infection if you sweat too soon after your tattoo procedure.
  • Do I have to return for my follow-up appointment?
    Yes. Your eyebrows are not complete until you come back for your 1st follow-up appointment. This appointment is to assure you receive full benefits from the procedure. We will be touching up shape, colour and looking over how your skin held to the overall technique that was chosen. Example: If you got microblading in your first session and you didn't grab well to the hairstrokes then a suggested switch to a powder technique or nano hairstrokes will be recommended and completed. A lot of the time clients are sent home at the touch-up appointment because they healed so well after their first session and if we can avoid going into your skin again we will, but please leave that up to us and still come to the studio so we can see your brows in person.
  • What are the contraindications?
    Fortunately all procedures Vanity Touch offers are suitable for most, but there are some things to consider that mean you may need to wait before booking an appointment. Must be at least 18 years of age. Must not be currently pregnant or actively breastfeeding. Must not have been on accutane or any other prescription to treat skin issues within the last year. Must not be on blood thinning medication [unless you can minimize your dosage for 24 hours prior to your tattoo]. Must not be currently going through or have gone through chemo therapy within the last year. Must not be on a detox. Must not be diabetic. Have not had botox or fillers in our around the procedure area in the last 2 weeks minimum.
  • How is the pain?
    There is none! Like all of our procedures performed at our studio, we pride ourselves in being light-handed artists with soft-touch techniques. Our brow tattooing is not like traditional tattooing; we don't go as deep [depositing pigment just underneath the epidermis later into the top of the dermis]. This implantation requires extreme precision and a light hand. Throughout the procedure we do use a high medical-grade secondary numbing agent that can be used on broken skin. So after we complete our first pass and lightly 'scratch' the surface of the skin, we are then able to using our numbing gel and it works instantly! Important Note*: We understand that some clients have had bad experiences involving a lot of pain with brow procedures, but we can only speak for our artists at our studio. Pressure and technique is extremely important and we make it our top priority to award clients with a beautiful, pain-free experience. When asked to rate their pain level, our clients generally rate it at a 3-10 at most. We usually hear "there is no pain". What to expect is a scratching sensation at the beginning or some tenderness towards the end of the procedure. Do not let your fear of pain prevent you from coming in!
  • How long does the eyeliner procedure take?
    Initial procedures are booked for approx. 2-3 hours depending on the style of eyeliner you chose to do and the artist that is performing it.
  • Is it safe?
    Our eyeliner tattooing procedures are very safe. Our technician is not only extremely skilled and experienced but also practices strict safety measures with the tools and pigments used on the eyes. However, like any cosmetic procedure, there are risks involved, including infection, allergic reactions, and dissatisfaction with the results. It's essential to thoroughly research the technician and clinic beforehand and follow all pre- and post-procedure care instructions to minimize these risks.
  • How do I know what style of eyeliner I want?
    It's not necessary for you to know exactly what style of eyeliner you want before coming in, a lot of clients don't. We are here to guide and help you decide what style would best suite you and what you're able to achieve given your skin type/skin thickness. But here's a few questions to ask yourself: 1. Do I already wear eyeliner and if I do, how do I like to put it on? Ex. (Softly with a brown pencil or heavy and crisp with black liquid) 2. Do I like a wing or no? 3. How do I want my eyeliner tattoo'd for an every day look? Please remember we are not trying to fully replace make-up. 4. Do I want people to notice it, or do I want it undetectable? Keep in mind, not all the time can you achieve a style of eyeliner you see on someone else, given every client's skin uniqueness. We want to achieve the best results suitable for you, in a safe and effective way. When in doubt, it is always best to communicate and also trust in your artist. We are sure to educate you along the way so you understand how these procedures are performed and the factors we need to consider when choosing the appropriate style.
  • Do I come to my appointment with makeup on?
    No, it is best that clients do not come to their eyeliner appointment with any eye make-up on. Your eyes need to be completely clean and rid of any oils, germs and make-up residue. We recommend clients give them a good clean at home prior to their appointment but of course, we prep and clean the skin properly before beginning the procedure.
  • Will my eyes swell?
    Swelling is normal from the eyeliner procedure, but some clients do not swell at all. We use a very soft-touch technique with any style of eyeliner performed, this helps to avoid excessive swelling. With that being said, it is not in our full control how a client's skin responds. Swelling, if any, does not last long. Usually by the night of, it will subside 50% if not completely. You are able to lightly ice your eyes post-op to help reduce any swelling and relieve any possible discomfort but again, client's are pleasantly surprised how minimal discomfort they experience and how little swelling they have. *Client's may take Arnica to help reduce chances of swelling.
  • How long will my eyes take to heal?
    Depending on the application is what will determine healing time. A thin lash enhancement eyeliner will heal quick, between 5-7 days A thicker more detailed eyeliner with an added wing or stardust may take up to 10 days to heal. Our eyeliner procedures are known to heal fast, given our soft-touch techniques. The majority of our clients do not experience any heavy flaking or long lengths of healing time but keep in mind, the more work you get done, the longer the skin takes to heal.
  • Can I workout while I'm healing?
    The most important time you should avoid working out is the day of your procedure. We ask that clients go at least 48 hours without, but you don't need to avoid working out for the entire initial healing process like you need to when getting your brows done. Because our eyes don't tend to sweat like the rest of our face/body, you may return back to normal exercise after a few days but be cautious if you are an excessive sweater.
  • I heard you can't use an eyelash curler?
    You can't never use an eyelash curler again, silly. But, it is best to avoid an eyelash curler for up to 2 weeks post-procedure. Why? You don't want to risk: 1. Accidentally pinching your skin 2. Getting an infection from the buildup of product and germs that is found on these tools
  • Do I have to return for my follow-up appointment?
    We strongly, strongly encourage clients to return for their first follow-up appointment. What do we do at this appointment? We check colour, position of the tattoo, symmetry and overall healed results. We ask your thoughts, how you feel about the way it looks and if you want to make any specific changes; this appointment is the important fine-tuning. Your eyeliner will shrink and fade after the first session, it may also change it's shape or heal un-even, depending how your at-home healing process went - every client heals and responds differently. Therefore, your first follow-up appointment is extremely vital in assuring you receive the best possible results. It's an opportunity for us to correct anything if and where needed, and finish the job. We always say, it's like walking around with un-finished work. It is in the best interest of both the artist and the client, for client's to commit to their first follow-up appointment.
  • How do I know if I can even get my eyeliner done?
    Cosmetic tattoo'd eyeliner is suitable, reliable and safe for most people, however, there are certain contraindications that clients must be clear of, before booking an appointment. 1. Must be 18 years of age or older 2. Must not be pregnant or breast feeding 3. Must not have had eyelid or cataract surgery in the last 12 months minimum 4. Must not be on Accutane currently or have taken the prescription within the last 6 months minimum 5. Must not be on any heavy blood thinning medication
  • How long does the lip tattoo procedure take?
    Depending on the artist you see, we schedule anywhere from 2.5-3.5 hours for the initial procedure. Pre-consultation is included in this time frame and generally takes 30-45 minutes so don't expect to be getting tattooed for the entire time.
  • Am I a candidate for the lip tattoo?
    If you are over the age of 18, not on any strong medications or antibiotics, not currently pregnant or breast feeding and lacking colour, symmetry, or feel your lips just need something more, then YOU are a candidate!
  • Is it safe to have my lips injected with filler close to my tattoo appointment?
    Lip injections add volume and projection, the lip tattoo enhances overall shape and colour; so the two work beautifully together and really compliment one another. With that being said, you need to be cautious with having both services done too close together. If you have already had your lips freshly injected with filler or have an appointment booked, you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before you see us for your tattoo. But, if you are interested in having your lips tattooed first, you are safe to get filler 10-14 days after your tattoo.
  • How long will my lips take to heal?
    Initial healing time, on average, is 5-7 days. This is where healing process is visible and after-care must be followed. All layers of the skin are fully healed in 6 weeks. At this time you can begin to see full pigment retention.
  • What should I expect during the healing process?
    Initially your lips will look very opaque in colour; we need to build the colour so you don't lose it all during healing as they will significantly fade within the first week. Come day 2-3 light flaking begins; the top layer will start to shed and colour looks to be 'peeling off'. During the shedding process, your lips show a slightly chapped appearance. The after-care ointment provided to you acts as a quick hydrating healing aid and when applied helps to remove that flaking skin. By day 7 lips return back to normal and colour then begins to heal and develop under the surface. It's important to be patient as full colour retention is 6-8 weeks post treatment. Please note - every case is different. We share general 'what-to-expect' based on our own experiences with our clients. Healing timelines are completely dependant on the client and their body's response with the procedure.
  • Do the lips swell?
    Swelling is normal and to be expected with all lip tattooing procedures. You will notice in our portfolio most of our clients don't swell too much because of our specialized technique and the numbing agents we use that also help to calm down swelling. We can assure you, all swelling is temporary and subsides FAST. Within 24 hours your swelling should be completely gone and most of our client's share that their swelling has went completed down within 2-4 hours post treatment.
  • What can I do to help any possible swelling?
    It's difficult to predict prior to having the procedure done if your lips will swell or not. Swelling is more common in the lips because of their soft tissue and increased nerve endings. We recommend clients take Arnica 1-2 days prior to minimize any possible swelling that can occur. We use an extremely effective numbing agent that also helps reduce swelling.
  • Does it hurt?
    Pain tolerance can vary greatly from person to person and is influenced by a variety of factors. 1. Genetics: Genetics play a significant role in determining an individual's pain threshold and tolerance. Some people are naturally more sensitive to pain due to genetic predispositions, while others may have a higher pain threshold. 2. Physiological Factors: Biological differences such as age, sex, and overall health can impact pain tolerance. For example, younger individuals tend to have higher pain thresholds than older individuals, and women may experience pain differently than men due to hormonal fluctuations. We do not recommend having your lips tattooed during your period cycle or ovulation cycle due to pain tolerance being compromised. 3. Psychological Factors: Psychological factors, including anxiety and stress can significantly influence pain perception and tolerance. Individuals with high levels of anxiety or fear may have lower pain thresholds, while those with positive coping mechanisms may experience pain less intensely. 4. Medication and Substance Use: Certain medications, drugs, or substances can affect pain perception and tolerance. Pain medications, such as opioids, can increase pain tolerance by dulling pain signals, while certain medications can increase sensitivity to pain. Overall, pain tolerance is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon.
  • Can I workout while I'm healing?
    It is crucial that you don't workout for the first 48 hours post-procedure to prevent a risk of infection. Because our lips don't tend to sweat like the rest of our face, you are able to return to the gym sooner than our other services offered, but be cautious that your lips are still in their active healing phase for the first week. It's important to avoid things like saunas [dry or wet], hot tubs and pools for the first week.
  • Do I have to return for my follow-up appointment?
    Yes. All of our pmu procedures are a 2-appointment-process. If you neglect your first follow-up appointment, you're essentially walking around with unfinished work. Though we can control our performance, we cannot control the way your body responds to the procedure and how much pigment you retain. Therefore; we want to see you back in 6-8 weeks so we can assess how you've healed and make changes if needed. At the second appointment, our primary focus is to finish what we started and build that colour up! Please note: if you require colour correcting [dark neutralization of hyper-pigmented lips] it is very likely you will need 2-3 sessions. If a 3rd session is needed, it is complementary.
  • Will it look like lipstick?
    That depends on your request but generally no. Even the most saturated amount of colour (lipstick 'effect') will always soften as it settles in the tissue during healing. We are depositing pigment slightly beneath the lips surface so you have lasting results, with that being said it is impossible for it to look like lipstick that is just applied or painted onto the surface. With that being said, we do offer different looks that you will see showcased throughout our portfolio. Every procedure is fully customizable to reach your desired goals and expectations. If you are nervous about it being too much, we can assure you we strive to achieve soft, natural undetectable enhancements with every lip procedure we perform.
  • How do I know what colour to choose?
    Colour selection is the hardest part of lip tattooing and is strictly dependent on 2 things: 1. The canvas we are working on (your natural lips, the undertone of them etc). 2. The results we are trying to achieve (soft colour enhancement vs. dark lip neutralization). It's important to trust your artist. Here at Vanity Touch, we are very knowledgeable and have mastered the art of lip tattooing and colour theory. It is our job to help guide you in choosing a colour but it is important to trust the process. As the lips heal the initial colour will always slightly shift in shade and undertone.
  • Can I pre-numb my own lips?
    We recommend you don't pre-numb your own lips. Topical numbing changes the texture of the skin getting in the way of our performance, it also causes the skin to be stubborn so depositing pigment can be more challenging resulting in prolonged procedure time. Not to worry though, we don't tattoo your lips without any numbing. We have the good stuff! Once we have completed the first pass and slightly scratched the surface of your skin, we then apply our medical grade and extremely effective numb that works under the skin, this is very beneficial to the client - numbing you almost instantly. Therefore; pain is manageable because we are able to continue using our secondary numbing throughout the procedure. If you chose to pre-numb your lips, please let your artist know and keep in mind your results could be affected.
  • Do I come to my appointment with make-up on?
    No, please do not come to your appointment with face make-up [such as foundations or lipstick] on. Your lips need to be clean and free of oils or make-up residue. You will also be much more comfortable having the procedure done with a fresh, clean face. It's a good idea to bring your favourite lipstick/lip gloss to show your desired colour to your artist. Photos also help and if you're completely unsure, not to worry, we will use our expertise to pick the best colour suited for you. [You may wear eye make-up if it helps you to feel more comfortable]
  • What can I do to help reduce pain sensitivity?
    We encourage our clients, if they can, to avoid booking an appointment during their period cycle or ovulation cycle. Here are a few strategies that can help minimize pain sensitivity: 1. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol. We advise no Advil. 2. Avoid alcohol. 3. Avoid caffeine consumption the morning of. 4. Get a good night sleep the night before. At Vanity Touch, we prioritize client comfort and safety throughout the entire tattooing process. Open communication between you and your artist can ensure an overall pleasant experience.
  • What is Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage?
    This treatment is a form of paramedical tattooing, depositing pigment beneath the surface of the skin in a scarred area, what we also call skin alterations. The intent is to camouflage the white scar [stretch marks are also classified as a scar] into the surrounding skin. Our goal is to minimize the colour contrast and texture of the scar by upwards of 80%.
  • Does this treatment completely remove stretch marks?
    Other than by surgery and literal skin removal, there is no proven way to completely get rid stretch marks. Our treatment helps to effectively conceal and diminish the appearance so that they are extremely less noticeable to the eye. Think of it as a permanent make-up filter on your skin, taking away the colour contrast of your scars [white in colour] and blending it in with your surround skin.
  • Does the treatment hurt?
    No. Like all of our other services offered at the studio, our main goal is to provide a comfortable and pleasant experience for every single client. Our paramedical tattooing artists perform with soft-touch techniques and a light hand [which provides the best results] so clients are never experiencing extreme amounts of pain. Fortunately, due to the nature of skin alterations [thickness in texture and lack of nerve endings], pain is minimal and manageable. And though we prefer not to pre-numb the area to prevent rejection of pigment, if you are feeling extra nervous or have psychological factors pertaining to the treatment area, we will use our pre-numb to ease your mind before beginning. Nonetheless; we are here for you and will take necessary precautions during your entire visit so you have a beautiful experience.
  • Is this treatment suitable for all skin types?
    Generally, yes! The beautiful thing about our paramedical sector of pmu is that we can answer to almost all clientele. However; there are a few things to consider that would make you not a candidate for the treatment or that you would just need to wait some extra time before proceeding such as: If you are prone to keloid scarring If you currently pregnant or actively breast feeding If your scar/stretch mark is new [under 1 year old] We ask to see photos before booking you in. We want to see that your skin alteration is old enough and in the correct condition before treatment so you benefit from the service and get the best results. Please refer to our Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage page on our website to fill out our Pre-Consultation form where you can attach a photo!
  • Can I get this service if I have a tan?
    We require all clients to be at their natural skin colour and not have a tan, whether it be from the sun, from tanning beds, or a spray tan of any kind. Why? The most important part of the treatment is colour matching. We want to see your natural skin colour in order to camouflage your scar effectively. If we begin treatment while you have a tan, we will then be colour matching to your tan, then when your tan is gone your skin alteration [scar/stretch marks] will appear darker and more noticeable when you're back to your natural colour. Note * If you are someone who actively tans all year round, you can discuss options with your artist about camouflaging your treatment area slightly darker, but you need to follow protocols for when you are coming in to have your sessions done [not actively tanning immediately before and immediately after treatments, and completely removing your spray tan on and around your treatment area].
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