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Eyebrow Tattooing Services

As a client at our studio you can feel confident and comfortable knowing that you will receive the appropriate style of brow that is best suited for your individual needs, expectations and most importantly skin type. This is essential in the brow tattooing industry because the saying "one size fits all" does not and cannot apply. Fortunately, our artists are highly trained, skilled and experienced in many different eyebrow methods as well as eyebrow techniques to ensure all clients who walk in our doors with their own unique cases and their own unique canvas will receive the best option for them. Your expectations will be taken into consideration and our artists will then better educate you and guide you in the appropriate direction so when you come together collectively as a team, a brow method and style will be chosen that will leave you with effortless and beautiful results.

Below is a thorough description of the different brow services we offer so you can have a better understanding of each.


Victoria's latest signature brow technique. Trademarked all across Canada; she has impressively created a way to achieve the illusion of hair strokes around the edges of a powdered brow. Giving clients that lifted, and fuller yet seamless look. This style gives more than a nano-stroke look but appears more natural than a traditional crisp powdered brow, it's the perfect in-between.
With the use of machine for the entire procedure to ensure minimal trauma to the skin, we can achieve dimensional shading without any hard outlines or border. This style of brow is suitable for absolutely any type of client, at any age, who is looking for a one-of-a-kind technique performed and taught only through our facility. Especially those who don't already fill in their brows with make-up and want to ease into the cosmetic change. It will be discussed at your appointment if this style of brow is the best choice for you!


2. Powdered

3. Nano Hairstrokes



Also with the use of machine for the entire procedure, we create a misty, powder-filled brow that is similar to the look of make-up but client's must always keep in mind our intent is never to fully replace make-up. When compared to BORDERLESS Edge™, brows are bolder and have a definite straight edge for that 'snatched' appearance. This style is perfect for clients who already fill in their brows with products such a pomade or pencil. Multiple looks can be achieved with this technique; client's can request a full powder or an 'ombré' style which means there is a noticeable transition in darkness from one are of the brow to the next, whether it's from the centres to the tail, or from the bottom of the brow up to the top. We try to achieve a soft gradient no matter what when performing an ombré style. The ideal candidate for this technique is just about anyone with some restrictions - our artists will help you decide if this style of brow is your best option!  

Over 600 loyal, happy clients


This is an advanced technique that requires precise execution and extreme skill by the artist. We produce the hair stroke look without using a blade (Microblading). This technique is done using a machine and very fine 'Nano' needle that can be performed on a wide range of skin types. Is it a 'back-up' option to the clientele who may not be candidates for our basic Microblading technique but still want to achieve the most natural brow style. Hair strokes done in this manor create the illusion of 3D strokes, can be designed in multiple different stroke patterns to match the clients natural hair growth while also lasting longer in the skin and inflicting minimal trauma

Our artists will help you determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.  

Client Testimonials

Taylin Eskra

I went and saw Victoria for my brows and she was amazing! Super professional, educated me on the different procedures and which one would suit me best. I have very sparse blonde brow hair and she did an amazing job guiding me through the right color and she nailed the shape that I usually draw for my brows. It was a very comfortable experience. I definitely recommend her and her work.​

Liv Lessard

I had my eyebrows done today by the INCREDIBLE Tammy! I’m very picky when it comes to my brows and she was so helpful and gave excellent recommendations. She was very thorough, explained every step as she went and made me so comfortable! It was absolutely painless for me, she was amazing with the numbing cream and has a very light touch. She’s an absolute Angel!

Kris C

Victoria was amazing! Very professional and a perfectionist! Absolutely love my eyebrows as someone with graves disease this procedure was exactly what I needed. Im very happy with my results!!

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