Our owner, Victoria,'s latest signature brow technique. Trademarked all across Canada; she has impressively created a way to achieve the illusion of hair strokes around the edges of a powdered brow. Giving clients that lifted, and fuller yet seamless look. This style gives more than a nano-stroke look but appears more natural than a traditional crisp powdered brow, it's the perfect in-between.
With the use of machine for the entire procedure to ensure minimal trauma to the skin, we can achieve dimensional shading without any hard outlines. This style of brow is suitable for absolutely any type of client, at any age, who is looking for a one-of-a-kind technique performed and taught only through our facility. Especially those who don't already fill in their brows with make-up and want to ease into the cosmetic change. It will be discussed at your appointment if this style of brow is best suitable for you!


Also with the use of machine for the entire procedure, we create a misty, powder-filled brow that is similar to the look of make-up but client's must always keep in mind our intent is never to fully replace make-up. When compared to BORDERLESS Edge™, brows are bolder and have a definite straight edge for that 'snatched' appearance. This style is perfect for clients who already fill in their brows with products such a pomade or pencil. Multiple looks can be achieved with this technique; client's can request a full powder or an 'ombré' style which means there is a noticeable transition in darkness from one are of the brow to the next, whether it's from the centres to the tail, or from the bottom of the brow up to the top. We try to achieve a soft gradient no matter what when performing an ombré style. The ideal candidate for this technique is just about anyone, and our artists will help you decide if this style of brow is your best option!  



This is an advanced technique that requires precise execution and extreme skill by the artist. We produce the hair stroke look without using a blade (Microblading). This technique is done using a machine and very fine 'Nano' needles that can be performed on a wide range of skin types. Is it a 'back-up' option to the clientele who may not be candidates for our basic Microblading technique but still want to achieve the most natural brow style. Hair strokes done in this manor create the illusion of 3D strokes, can be designed in multiple different stroke placements to match the clients natural hair growth, lasts longer in the skin and inflicts minimal trauma. 

Our artists will help you determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.  


This procedure is for experienced artists only. Our eyeliner enhancements are all performed with our latest soft-touch technique to ensure next to no discomfort and long lasting results. With the use of a needle to deposit pigment very delicately into the skin, there are multiple styles to this procedure such as, natural lash enhancement, crisp wings, bottom liner and added stardust. Stardust is a pixelated 'dusty' affect and is only done on the top lid. Each style looks entirely different from the other but all are executed in a delicate manor to ensure the best results for every client. 

We do not offer blues and/or greens and only browns and/or blacks as we feel these are the most flattering, most natural and never go out of style.



Our Aquarelle Lip Blush procedure is done entirely by machine to enhance the lip shape, symmetry and overall natural lip colour. A customized pigment is applied to add definition to client's lips, conceal imperfections, and brighten up hyper-pigmented dark hues where needed. At our studio we don't just offer one style of the lip tattoo, we pride ourselves on being able to perform multiple different looks such as Hollywood style lip-stick affect and our pouty 'ombré' style depending on our client's individual goals. This procedure is done with high-grade medical numbing to provide a comfortable experience for you. Colour selection does not need to be decided prior to appointments and is recommended to be discussed and decided with our artist's guidance.